What prevents success.

1. Oddly sometimes perfectionism prevents success.
Motto or do everything perfectly or not do, can do a disservice. Fear of mistakes, do not so often is the reason not to do anything or pull to the last. Keep track of this type of situation, do not give in to excuses and soon the result will not take long.

2. Stir success for example, such thoughts as if I was (were) _______ (money, education, appearance, not the age, height, weight, parents, birth, residence, etc.) that's when I I was able to achieve anything.
But many people put a lot of work, time, and they do it. You do not have to make Herculean efforts, all within reason. Do not wait for manna from heaven, but simply do what they can, including in terms of self-education and in improving the appearance. So it is necessary to adopt what you already have.

3. If it appears that there is nothing short of time, you are likely to spend it unwisely. It's time to prioritize. Make a list, what is important and should be done first and what can wait and what all you can do.

4. There is no mood or just laziness.
Sometimes it is useful to be lazy, it helps to relax, but laziness can tighten. Desire to do something there, no sentiment. And if it never will. Do not look for excuses laziness, idleness delays. Bleeders and that's enough. Apply firm pressure and begin to do something, and laziness will disappear very quickly.

5. Disorganization.
Sometimes achieve results hampered by the fact that you are distracted, sprayed on different things. We started to do a report, distracted by a conversation with colleagues, I had to finish in an emergency procedure. started cleaning off, poured all of the cabinets to put all on polchkam, and then called a friend in a cafe, cleaning remained until better times. It would seem a trifle, but sometimes they interfere with life.


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