11 things you never cease to amaze our men.

1. Very long nails.
They laugh at our hysteria about a broken nail, grown such works and brought to perfection, but secretly admire.
2. plucking eyebrows.
It is this process 68% of young people believe the worst of those who have to endure the girl. The reason for intolerance strong half of mankind to acute pain point is that men pain receptors transmit sharper minor annoyance than a major blow.

3. bottomless purse.
Even in the tiny handbag placed mobile phone, keys, wallet, lipstick, comb, mirror, magazine, photography and spare tights. When the girl deft movement of the magician shakes ridikyulya15h20 centimeters mountain of things and old things twice the size of the bag, it makes guys think seriously about our magical abilities!

4. Why did we open mouth when paint eyes.
This question remains a mystery to 78% of boys. And only 22% confidently replied: "Because it is better to bulge the eyes." The painting, which is so much fun our men has a very simple explanation: it's more convenient. When you open your mouth, the skin is stretched and the eye becomes wider.

5. The size of our suitcases.
"Mom, I have three days to Paschke to the country!" -krichish You from the hallway, trying to shove 30killogrammovy suitcase at the door. If the guys collecting bags, trying to take as little as possible, reducing the gentlemen's set to normal ascetic, we, the girls, on the contrary, we take everything at once.

6. How do we wear pantyhose in the 15-degree cold.
Guys, despite the increased hairiness legs, teeth chattering, even at -5, and we bravely sparkling knees even in the fierce blizzard. In fact, walking around in tights in the cold, not only safely but also very dangerous to health. So, do not shock the audience, demonstrating his warm heart forever, too often.

7. constant dissatisfaction with their appearance.
63% of guys not only do not understand this - like the behavior of their terribly annoying.

8. original thinking.
The subject of eternal male jokes and ridicule. Illogical and unfounded women's behavior is not from a lack of logic, how confident guys, but from a completely different type of thinking. Our thoughts are largely dependent on our feelings and emotions. It is well known that women are much more developed intuition, while men are rational and sober.

9. heels.
Unlike classical boys from the girls. Despite the years, heels not ceased to be the subject of bewilderment of young people. Many of them are able to stand up, and some even barely move on 8santimetrovyh heels, but fly the escalators, overtake teachers in the corridors and deftly maneuver in the subway so masterly, as do girls, can not none.

Let it come to nothing suitable. Let it all salary costs and fault that you got into debt. But she is beautiful. The best. This is no longer anybody!

11. As can be pulled through a hose BRA ?!
This is - the holy.


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