Keep this in mind when trying to figure out who you are.

Chinese New Year starts, as you know, in February. Keep this in mind when trying to figure out who you are.

Rats - fascinating animals with a vivid imagination. In relationships, people born under this sign are usually generous and perceptive, although they often differ temper and excessive critical of others. The companies, even strangers, they feel at ease.

Rats also usually have unique intellectual abilities, allowing them to perfectly understand the new information and fresh ideas.

Rats are also distinguished by the fact that incur a lot of commitment and often do someone else's work for other people.

In love and business, Rats are passionate and loyal, but their valor and rarely recognized by others. And all because the people-rats still modest.

You know the expression "strong as an ox?". If we are talking about people born under this sign, they have a unique ability to see problems and challenges in the face. They are able to cope with most of the problems faced by them or their loved ones.

Unfortunately, the Bulls also are sometimes too demanding in relation to the other, and sometimes - and at chauvinists.

Best of all, people born under this sign, to cope with the protection of their interests. They also have a high sense of duty, the need for stability. They also affectionate and faithful to their partners and families.

Tigers - people sensitive tuned to emotions. Typically, for the life they are going through a few episodes of great love.

The Tigers are usually very strong competitive spirit and the desire to dominate. Also, these people are in need of more freedom and independence. They courageously accept any challenge and are ready to immediately rush into the fray.

In relations Tigers - people are passionate, outspoken and passionate.

The main disadvantage of the people of this sign - overly strong reaction to criticism. When the Tigers criticize, they immediately become depressed. However, with the fate privratno they usually cope quickly and easily.

Rabbits - these are people who are very loved and respected in any company. And all because they are very polite, gentle and friendly.

Unfortunately, the downside of this courtesy - excessive sentimentality. Besides Rabbits feel uncomfortable during the controversy and any disputes.

Rabbits are able to work well, but only on those tasks that are pleasing to them. It is not necessary to fill up their uninteresting work: in such situations, they are often distracted, though not aware of it.

In dealing with other people Rabbits usually quiet, meek, shy and conservative. And everyone knows that they have a remarkable intellect, but because of its sensitivity prefer to remain silent. And all because of that security for them is more important than anything else.

These people are full of energy and is usually characterized by an incredible charisma. The reverse side of these qualities - the desire to make some noise and too loud to talk.

Dragons also differ a great intellect, while perfectionism. They are demanding both in terms of themselves and to others. But if the situation requires it, they are always ready to do everything to the maximum, to make every effort to achieve the goal.

These people do not tolerate any rules. They think that they have the right to follow their own course.

Snakes - people who have not their usual wisdom over the years. Because they often turn out great thinkers and novelists.

Also, people born under this sign are characterized by mystery, the reluctance to engage in public activities. They do have a few friends, and prefer to be alone.

To achieve their goals Snakes usually work quietly, not looking for recognition. In personal relationships are particularly prone to jealousy.

Horses - people who are distinguished, above all, hard work and obstinacy. At the same time call them difficult team players: Horses prefer to work independently.

Independence of horses - a consequence of their intrinsic selfishness. People born under this sign have a strong intellect and outstanding social skills. Shout they can, but are not particularly fond of.

In romantic relationships Horses overly emotional, jealous and impulsive.

Sheep are usually charming and cute, they want to love and protect. At the same time they are easy to suffer physical discomfort and rarely complain about poor living conditions.

But in regard to life "in general", the sheep are, unfortunately, almost always turn out to be pessimistic. They are kind, sympathetic, compassionate, but do need help. With the self-esteem they also usually a problem: they are aggressive and self-confident, the timid in prostetski situations.

Best of all sheep manifest themselves in the care of nature, art and artistic creation.

In relationships, they - the people are kind and sensitive. The main thing for them in the family - it's security and stability.

Monkeys are very intelligent and energetic, and their charisma allows them to lead any crowd. Although sometimes people feel overly talkative and eccentric.

But no one will take the monkeys their appeal to the majority, ingenuity and skill with humor come out of any situation.

Their only personality flaw - that they rarely trustworthy. Responsibility for the monkeys - prohibitive severity.

Energy and restless nature Monkeys often leads to the fact that they can not build a logical, harmonious career. Too often changing industry in which work.

Rooster - an ideal worker who is easily taken for any, even the most complex work. Plus, they are modest, they know how to respect not only their own but also other people's point of view.

Their professional standards are generally very high, even in leadership positions, people born under this sign are rare.

In choosing clothes Roosters necessarily something stylish and eye-catching. In general, people are very fond of them, they have a lot of friends. And Roosters different fidelity and loyalty.

The main feature of Dogs - their dedication and loyalty in relationships. People born under this sign, very long time to choose a career path, selectively refer to a hobby.

They also are sharp on the tongue, are able to constructively criticize strongly adhere to the principles of justice and fairness. Often achieve great success in the work.

As friends and love partners are reliable, though often wrong, and did not know how to forgive.

Those born in the Year of the Pig - a wonderful companion, good people, sincere, intelligent and patient. They are a pleasant companion who can enrich any dialogue.

Pigs are able to set challenging goals and execute them. They are known for their wit and sense of humor.

If anything interferes with the other to build a good relationship with pigs, so it's only his heightened sense of importance and unwillingness to recognize their own shortcomings.

And their characteristic feature - naivety. These people are too trusting and do not expect a meanness of the others. From what often suffer.

Pigs - they are people who know how to appreciate better than material wealth and happy family life.

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