What do women desire?

Any woman needs only three. And if you thought that this man's money, diamonds and eternal youth, you're wrong. In fact, it's much easier and more enjoyable.
1) Proximity. Women are much more sociable men as They are very social. They really like intimate conversations, films about love and intimacy. They want to know that the men in the head and heart. And call
them several times a day with the question "Where are you?" is not to control them, but just to hear what you think about it. Women live negative emotions, talk about them. So when she sees that her beloved in a bad condition, she tries to get him to talk, but the man I want to be alone. And we men need to understand that we need to talk to women, listen to them, to hug and she cried in our shoulder.

2) Thanks. Women want to hear appreciation for every action, for every cooked dinner, wash socks and ironed shirt. They were pleased when we appreciate their beauty, making them compliments, most importantly that they are diverse and underlined their quality.

3) Safety. Most women want to feel safe. They are very vulnerable and tender, and even if they appear to be outside of our strong and steadfast, that inside them lives a fragile little girl who needs care. After all, without a care, they lose their femininity. Post hands when leaving the bus, open the door or incurring a handbag is not that hard, but women like it. And for such care, they are ready to love, to praise and honor of men.
Husbands / future husbands note.


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