Art to be seductive ...

1. Look.

We must look to hold on to the man so that he could feel it. And then look away in the direction before the man time to intercept your opinion. After some time, it can be repeated. And if a man you like, then add a smile, always zainteresovannuyu.Pristalny appraising glance is not always suitable for flirting.

2. Smile.

If you want to please a man, do not be a grim expression on his face. Aloofness is not like the men. Therefore we need a smile suit obyazatelno.Dlya start a small smile. If all goes well you have in mind, you can smile in longer.

3. Voice.

It should be soft, gentle and charming. It is better to speak in quiet tones, men do not like rising tone.

4. Touch.

If you are already talking to each other, you can "accidentally" touch him, just for a split second. And if you smoke, touch it at the moment when he podneset you lighter.

5. Dance.

If the man that you like, you are invited to dance, be sure to use it. Look into his eyes while dancing with him, try easy and intriguing touch him ...

6. Communication.

Even if the introduction has already taken place, you do not relax. After all, your goal is not just to meet, but like the man. Well think over your every word. The main thing in a conversation, displayed their ability to listen carefully to the interlocutor. Men really appreciate it in a woman. However, representatives of the stronger sex is not very willing to listen to the outpouring, so speak briefly and to the point. Do not skimp on compliments, but do not need much peresolite.Ne openly flatter, it is unlikely they will like ...


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