Clairvoyance science

Sick of per capita state of the ninth floor of the elevator in his porch. In principle, such a lift and surprise some of our difficult person. Well, the peculiar smell of decomposing wastes. Portrayed badly, again. Eka prodigy. But here was a young man unbearable smell and contemplate all this every morning during the descent, and every evening when lifting. Fine spiritual organization he was. Despite the hundredweight of live weight and growth under two meters.
He began to solve the problem. He recorded a lift in the intercommunication space, two holes drilled in the floor and put back brads. Built nemudreny sensor. Once refluent citizen gets on brads sensor triggerochek in contact with relyushechkoy chain closes. The elevator stops. Naturally, the man begins to knock at the door or call the maintenance crews. And there is already everything is under control, all informed.
In general, a month in the stairwell was already the most nevonyayuschy elevator in the proletarian district. And the neighbors began to apply to the young man with great respect and honor him for a sorcerer. And it is true. As soon as the elevator gets stuck type - and he was right there too. Yes, with a piece of pipe in strong little hands. Repute went to the district. On the floor a few looks. And look, and - well, stick yourself two screws and caps from sticking. Who knows why they are needed.
Now he thinks a thought, as if even the wall paintings of lime. Come up with, shall we.


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