Means of shopping

Ever been to one of his missus muzhchinka his irrepressible shopogolizm. The last straw was a couple of hats, the bought for the occasion (Bulo Schaub). He looked at the mess, asked gently, where the beauty of such a buy succeeded, and went into the shop. Found the right department and bought four hats in addition to the already acquired wife. Two - a couple of sizes larger. And a couple more - respectively, two less.
Brought home and started to change in a strict sequence. Two weeks thought that the idea failed. Yet somehow came home a little earlier than usual, did not find his wife's head circumference measurement centimeter. Failed the test image. Split, and began to laugh.
It was found that all very worked. Wife is going to go to the hospital. Because perfect worn out from unexplained symptoms. Day - barely stretched bonnet, day - head in them, as in the well dives. It really proves to Google raped in a vain attempt to find an explanation for the mysterious symptoms.
Well. Access to the body has been closed for a month. But the allusion was understood.


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