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Men are also victims of fashion.

Every tenth African researchers found occipital keloid scars and pimples and scars, the presence of which can result in hair loss in the area of ​​the human head. According to scientists, these dense swelling of the skin may be associated with popular men's short hairstyles, to maintain the form which requires regular shaving the hair on the nape.

It is supposed that such diseases of the scalp is most often affect people of African descent, but dermatologists emphasize that any type of hair and skin can suffer from too hard impact.

As noted by Dr. Andrew McDonagh from Royal Hallamshire Hospital (Sheffield, UK), in some countries, where a significant portion of the population is black, traction alopecia is considered a serious public health problem. However, more and more often to get an appointment with doctors skinned patients prefer in the recent past, "grass" hair chemistry and wear it combed back.

"Some hairstyles are attributes of fashionable person, but often their" structure "and maintain in good and due form leads to baldness, which affects not only the assessment of surrounding human, but his self-confidence," - say representatives of the British Association of Dermatologists ...


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