The smell of bread and altruism

Smells affect the reaction and behavior. And not only on physiognomic reactions - wrinkled in disgust or squint bliss or pleasure. The impact is much deeper. For example, as shown by a recent study by researchers from the University of Southern Brittany, the smell of bread makes people more altruistic and they are much more willing to help others. The experiment was conducted in parallel next to bread and clothing shops. Volunteers dropped a handkerchief or a glove and experimenters, therefore, fixed reaction of passers-by what is happening. It turned out that where the smell of bread, people were kind and helpful and a half times.
So take note. Go with a request to anyone - grab a loaf of fresh bread. Or assign a business meeting in a bakery. Or confectionery. You look - and increase the efficiency of meetings. Although secret, frankly, this currently. I really do not know what the time was led this tradition, but just remember that in ancient Rome, many important issues were dealt with for a meal. And, judging by the fact that this tradition is still alive today, and robust grain in it. And we know this for a long time. Well, now even with experimental scientific point of view the verdict rendered.
P.S. I thought here - and if our deputies in the session hall to give to smell the bread, can at least stop the massacre? Not that very much sorry for them was, but look - lawmaking acquire a human face.


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