Time for spam

I think I speak for - spam is extremely dostavuchy. So, it would seem - hurray! A draft law, according to which spam will be provided sufficiently severe penalties. And fines for special occasions are pretty impressive - from 17 to 34 thousand hryvnia. And even prison terms prescribed. There, too, has its own grading severity. There is an option shlopotat up to three years. There are - from five to eight. This is, if this is the spam entailed serious consequences. And it somehow all very nice, except for a small "but".
I really want to see themselves criteria for defining spam. This is the first thing. Because junk e-mailboxes - that's understandable. And the stuff that is in the press, on TV, and most of the Verkhovna Rada of pouring abundant flow - this category includes what? Or Members of Parliament themselves fine and will plant, much to the delight of the electorate? Little hard to believe. Rather, it will operate another criterion: all proplacheno - it is not spam, and advertising. Even if it is stuck in the teeth of a hundred years is useless. By the way, about the size of the paper creativity Rada. This bill was registered a year ago. Under the number 9575. Nearly ten thousand! What can I say - working people, not sparing himself.
So for the future - be careful when sending. And then, God forbid!


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