Spam on the streets of Moscow

Few likes spam, the constant letters and unnecessary information coming to mailboxes heaps.
On the streets of Moscow such information is complete, and at each corner post.

This form of advertising will still be there, because not everyone has Internet, our grandmothers may well buy into pasted ads and take for example a loan.

How to fight it? In fact, we wrote "Izvestia" that it will be a special otkleyschiki all these ads.

The prefect of the Eastern Administrative District Nikolai Lomakin said he assumed that the post of "antispam" will hire students, the elderly and the disabled - people whose employment takes place on quotas and specific urban programs. The experts considered that innovation is the only way to deal with annoying ads. In the future, experts suggested to introduce a toll for private board ads. Board just is not enough. Something where they already have. Those who advertise must understand that there may be incorrect information and they are responsible for it. Imprison or such means should be punished by administrative methods. And then if they want to do everything in the prefecture of HLW, and the work will give students and the purity improved, and this will not spam which look disgusting. I would also suggested to check those phone numbers that are listed there, and have the opportunity to put their phones (zadosit) that there would be no one to call but could not. So in the subway wanted to do, I do not know what to do or not, but ad almost no illegal.
Declare war on SPAM !!!



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