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In short - never under any circumstances do not even think about how to connect to your child, "children" tariff Beeline. If you certainly do not want to prematurely introduce their child to the concepts of "spam", "erotic content", "fraud". Well, at the same time to pay for it out of their own pockets.

I myself - perhaps one of the most loyal users. And this applies to any service. If I like it - I'm going to use it, pay for it and recommend to others. Small schools and oversight - to perceive with understanding, especially if there is a normal human feedback.

"Beeline" - the first company on the negative with respect to which the public wanted to write. Basically, in order to warn others and advise never to use the services of the mobile operator.

* * *

My number and my wife is historically connected to the Beeline. Even then, when Moscow was only 2 GSM provider, and a preference for some reason has been given Beeline. All more or less work, sometimes only strained spam (which was not too critical), which is why the parents' room (and then - and the number of children) in the end plugs into the Beeline (mainly for cheaper communications within the network).

The first problems began with the first children's number ("Number 1") (tariff - "first child"). Regularly visited spam SMS. Repeatedly swore through a call center. Mailing lists are disabled. After a while they started to come back. After probably 4-5 iterations is more or less calmed down and did not care. Until recently.

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Hi, Chameleon!

With the number of the second child (the "number 2") was fun.

The daily "trash" on the screen of the phone got so much that forced start to swear not only to the call center, but also on Twitter:

Yes, a few emotionally. :) But I learned a few useful things:

1. There is a "wonderful" service "Hello!" And "Chameleon", which just impose all this stuff.

2. Be on their children's fees should not.

3. "swear" is better with specific people, not abstract general location. At the time I wrote Catherine Turtseva, which was responsible for PR in the Beeline.

... And "Sensual beepĀ»

The last straw was that I discovered that the "number 2" and "Room 3" (third child) became catastrophically quickly run out of money in the balance sheet.

Without much hope of success, I wrote on (which recommended the writing on Twitter) - a lot of detail, listing all of their rooms, and a clear indication that further complaints will Roskomnadzor.

Something of it still worked, because a few days later I got the answer:

At first, the answer seemed downright awesome.

But everything fell into place in a few weeks ...

"Chameleon" returned.

Again - surprisingly - it turned off on the same day after a complaint to twitter. :)

Happy End? Certainly not!

Why did I write in Habr, if everything is almost good result? Yes, because no good!

Here's what I found today on the "number 1" (which was no problem for several months, and which - let me remind - repeatedly blocked mailing, internet and any paid services):

1. This is a children's fare, which, according to representatives of Beeline, such services can not be.

2. On this issue, all these services are often blocked.

3. My child is three o'clock in the morning sleeping, but does not order the content.

4. If the balance is left to 0, that is why he continues to go "into negativeĀ»?

What is a conscious (sure) calculation of Beeline in the imposition of these services is on children's rates, of course, understandable: if adults somehow more or less understand where spam and how to just delete (although still regularly "come across" ), the children use the phone becomes impossible. They do not really understand what and how you have to press in response to the incoming message with advertising and spam. Accidental or deliberate clicking on the button lead to a paid subscription and repeated increase in the incoming flow of spam.

Near the Beeline is no clear and distinct mechanism to fully protect one or another number from any spam and paid content.

Moreover, those alleged orders paid content, which are listed on the last screenshot, not presented in a private office. Find out about them only from the drill. How to turn off - is unknown.

Summary ...

1. If you are not using the Beeline - and do not use. Never. Take care of the children and myself.

2. If you are using - check the practice appeared December 1 the ability to transfer numbers to another operator (to anyone! Just to - away from Beeline). I myself plan to in the coming days to transfer all of its rooms. They are many.

3. Please help advice on how (and where) competently write a complaint against the Beeline. Apparently, Roskomnadzor?

As a minimum, violations ZZPP and 436-FZ "On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development" obvious ...

4. Please distribute this post to warn others about such actions Beeline.

That's all.

Source - Habr.

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