Travel in Uzbekistan

1 Hello, dear YaPovtsy.
Has matured to the next photo report on our trip (who are interested - the previous one, in Armenia, there

Due to the fact that the principal inventor, massovik we - my wife, our choice is very unusual.

So, a little trip to Uzbekistan.
64 photos 2 3.01.14
We arrived late at night to Tashkent. We planned to walk around the city in the evening and night train to go to Bukhara.
When they reached the railway station, we were surprised by the fact that without a ticket in the station building is not allowed (in the morning had to wait in the building of the ticket office)
By morning, we realized that a day without sleep walking is not enough, and we relili fly to Bukhara in the afternoon by plane, catch up on sleep in the hotel and the next day to devote himself to the Old Town.

3 Here is the new domestic airport

4 In this wonderful airplane we were flying to Bukhara.
An hour of fear and we have in place ...)

5 Patio hotel

6 Evening Bukhara (the old city)

7 Evening Bukhara (old town) is seen trading dome Toki Sarrofon

8 4.01.14
Divan-Begi Madrasah, located in the complex Labi Hauz

9 Inside Divan-Begi

10 Restaurant next to the House Divan-Begi (House - an artificial body of water - something like our pit)

11 Khanaka Sofa Run, part of the complex Labi Hauz

12 Medressa - is a single complex with madrassas Abdulazis Khan

13 Abdulazis Khan Madrassah

14 Abdulazis Khan Madrassah

15 Miri-Arab - the only active men's madrassah in Bukhara

Since 16 madrassas actions unauthorized entry is prohibited. You can only look to the courtyard through the lattice

17 Mosque and Kalyan Minaret. The largest mosque after Bibi Khanum in Samarkand. Holds up to 12,000 people

18 In the courtyard of the mosque Kalyan

19 In the courtyard of the mosque Kalyan

20 Oriental bazaar. They came when all traders dispersed. You can buy yourself a carpet)

21 Ark Fortress, Bukhara khans abode. During the Civil War it was nearly destroyed. Now restored

22 Wall of fortress

23 That tacos kote met us at the entrance to the museum fortress

24 View of the old town from the fortress

25 Samanid Mausoleum, considered to be one and the architectural masterpieces of Central Asia.

26 The narrow streets of the Old Town

27 One of the plastic windows, which are sometimes found in the Old Town (about the size of 10 * 15 cm - for what is small - is unclear)

28 These are the ancient walls around us in the Old Town

29 5.01.14
The guest of the palace of the Emir of Bukhara in Kagan
In Kagan we went to the railway station to buy a ticket Samarkand

30 Madrasah Niyazkul Khalifa, also known as Chor-Minor

31 These are the ancient doors found in the Old City. Even if the building is rebuilt, the door trying to leave the former.

32 Monument to Nasreddin Hodja at Labi Hauz

33 Lone lantern

34 6.01.14
On the road from Bukhara to Samarkand.

35 They traveled by train (by the way, is not always possible to get tickets - we bought almost last in business class)

36 Roman Catholic Parish of St.. John the Baptist in Samarkand

37 Dor Madrasah on Registan Square

38 Login Ulugbek
It is simply magical!

39 Courtyard Ulugbek

40 Tillya Kari
Right at the edge of photos 2 local friend with whom we casually crossed another market, when buying nuts.
She gave us a commemorative statue to Registan Square.

Alternatively, if you suddenly read these words - thank you very much !!!

41 Dome in the Tilla-Qar - indescribable picture !!!

42 Mosaic and walls in Tilla-Kar

43 Reflections of a sunset on the walls of the Sher-Dor

Bibi Khanum 44 - the largest mosque in Central Asia. Unfortunately we had not got - it was already closed ((

45 7.01.14
Gur Emir - mausoleum of the Asian conqueror Tamerlane - Tamerlane and his family (Timurid) in Samarkand.

46 Portrait of Tamerlane

47 Inside the mausoleum

48 Inside the mausoleum. In the middle - the tomb of Tamerlane (Decorative gravestone - at the bottom of a tomb in the crypt)
Location gravestones mausoleum repeat exactly the position of the tombs in the crypt

49 View of the Gur-Emir

50 Next, we used the services of a wonderful tour guide Dennis. He took us by car to various attractions and then to the train station.
Very good storyteller.
If someone needs to be the contacts - write in a personal
Ulugbek - willing to do the reconstruction, the observatory took the form of three-story cylindrical construction height of 30, 4 m and a diameter of 46, 40 m, and can accommodate oriented from north to south [1] grand protractor - sextant (or quadrant [2]) radius 40, 21 m, at which the measurements were the height of the stars in the sky as they pass through the celestial meridian

51 Mausoleum of Khoja Doniyor. According to legend, the prophet Khodja Daniyar was an associate of the Arab preacher Kusam ibn Abbas. It is also believed that Khoja Daniyar - a Koranic and Biblical Old Testament prophet Daniel, whose remains, namely his hand, were brought to Samarkand by Timur from Susa

52 Surroundings Mausoleum of Khoja Doniyor.

53 Shahi Zinda - ensemble of mausoleums of Samarkand aristocracy
Also referred to as "street mausoleum┬╗

54 courtyard Shahi Zinda - the place where the sacrifice of sheep

Inside one of the 55 mausoleums

Inside one of the 56 mausoleums

Inside one of the 57 mausoleums
As told us Dennis - the mausoleum built and decorated masters from different countries
That, he said, drawing master from China

58 Inside the mausoleum Kusam ibn-Abbas, who was a cousin of the Prophet

59 Mausoleum

60 View from the Shahi Zinda on Bibi Khanum Mosque

61 Muslim cemetery near Shahi Zinda

62 Mausoleum Kusam ibn Abbas

63 High-speed train Afrosiyob, which we went to Tashkent.
With this train is another story:
We had to leave at 17:00, but due to the fact that the contact network was no electricity, waited an hour to solve the problem.
Finally, at 18:00 on the composition of a high-speed locomotive uncoupled and pulled us ordinary diesel))
Dobuksiroval us to the city of Jizzakh, where we met, who had come to meet in Tashkent, the second voezd Afrasiab

64 For it we have come to Tashkent.
Under the rules of railway traffic, any delay in the train more than 2 hours, put 100% compensation, which we received at the box office Railway Station 15 minutes after arrival.



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