Dayneko fell in love with the car

Recently the singer Vic Dayneko became a happy owner of a new car. Not long ago, she received the right, after studying at the courses of driving, and now has every right to get behind the wheel of his brand new Pegeout 1007. «I love my car! It is pale blue, smiling all the time "- shared his happiness Vick.

According to the singer, it has long been looking for the right model, long studied automotive catalogs and multiple sites. The search for the stars ended suddenly, she saw his future car, and immediately fell in love with her. "You could say it's inspired me to quickly go to a driving school and get right! I managed to pass the exams for the moment when I got a call from the dealership and was told that the car, which I ordered, they already have. My happiness knew no bounds! "- Exclaims the singer.

Stop at Pegeout Vick decided, first of all, because of its size: "I like that she has such small dimensions. Moreover, it is not very expensive. I'm a novice driver. With this machine I will not constantly worry: what if to hit her, and have to make costly repairs! Although I am fully insured car - so peaceful. "

Now Vic "settles" his car, equipped it with a good radio to enjoy music on the go. I do not forget about it and your pet - Yorkshire Terrier. For the convenience of Toshiki in the cabin has a tiny cushion. It is no secret that for many car owners car - it is a living creature, almost a family member. Vika car male: "I feel that it's a boy. Name I do not let him, and he is responsive to the "sweeties".


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