Photos of Victoria Dayneko

This Russian singer called a true "Yakut diamonds", because the voice, inherited Dayneko Vick, one of the best in our country, unfortunately, voiceless stage. Dayneko dreamed of becoming a singer as a child, inspired by the works of your favorite Christina Aguilera and doing amateur with close friends. In the beginning no one took a little creative impulses Vicki seriously, but she knew that would be the one who saw herself in dreams. To his 25 years at this singer is not so many albums, only one, but it is due to the fact that the producer Victoria Igor Matvienko, who took her under his wing as soon as she became the winner of "American Idol - 5", has several musical projects besides Dayneko and apparently they are more profitable than it is. It is a pity that she sings pop as another kind of music might fit her more (vocals really, really bad), in addition to English is no problem and she could try his hand in the west. Although again these "Aby" yes "if only" interfere.

In an interview with Vic says that it is self-sufficient and independent from anyone, so the men linger about it briefly and only mother, father and loyal friend is always there. Plus the village Kirov Taldy-Kurgan region is very proud of her.



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