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Do not buy into excellent physical shape trainer. Appearance - one of the most misleading indicators. The best coaches in the world look very unattractive. For example, Alwyn Cosgrove - a leading California coach - looks like a cancer patient who underwent chemotherapy twice. He really sick by the way, that does not prevent him to be an expert truly global scale. Several vials of anabolic steroids and regular visits to the solarium are not made of nice pitching a good coach.


Also not trump. Russian certificates are worth little. Domestic fitness industry is still in its infancy, and learning coaches simply nowhere. For example, in the same America there are more than two hundred certification companies, and we have hardly more than two. Not bad if your coach has a state diploma of higher physical education, but it does not guarantee anything - remember how you yourself studied at university.


And this is the main indicator of this professionala.Treneru at least should not be indifferent to your results.


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