Should I lend money to?

Different people have different opinions about whether to lend money to or not. Some believe that this help and do good to others - that spoil the good relations with close people. After all, as a rule, a creditor unconsciously begins to wait the return of debt in connection with which the voltage increases.

An instructive story happened to Margarita Alexeeva, that after the incident in general has ceased to lend money. The woman grew up in the village, but at the end of the college moved to the city and began to organize his life: married, gave birth to two daughters. Suddenly there was a misfortune - her husband died when the oldest daughter graduated from the first class only. Margaret had to educate a girl, she was doing everything to ensure that they are in no need.

After a long time, and cousin Alexeyeva drafted into the army. The young man proved to be up there with the good side of his mother in the village even sent out letters of thanks. But last month, he felt too freely and beat the "spirit." The boy was taken to hospital, where he was advised to write a letter to the prosecutor. They opened a criminal case and the "grandfather" threatened with imprisonment. But it could have been saved, if you hire a good lawyer. Where to take the money in the country? Alexeyev decided to give their savings to help his brother. "He then burst into tears, said that to get a job and immediately return all" - she recalls.

Thank God everything turned out well, and the young man was released. Since then, five years have passed, but he is in no hurry to give his duty. Now a former soldier working, gets a lot of money, but my sister did not even ring. Alekseev sure he's just afraid that it will require from him the debt. It is not going to do that, because he had long forgotten about the money. But, unfortunately, the relationship is forever spoiled ...

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