How to talk on the phone?

1. Business conversations to better plan for the first half of the day. In advance to prepare the necessary documents, facts and figures, as well as the possible development of the discussion, for better or worse, your behavior in both cases.

2. Gently dial number. If you make a mistake, and the other party to respond to your mistake will send you to the bath, the mood before an important conversation will inevitably flawed.

3. Be sure to introduce yourself: Who is your last name, first name and patronymic in the beginning of the conversation - attitude towards you will be careful, and you will get more information. When formal negotiations with the name referred to his firm.

4. If you call your friend, just call him by his name. At a stranger at the beginning of the upcoming conversation to find out the name: "What is your name?" Or "How can I contact you?". The conversation often call interlocutor named.

5. Find out the situation. According to etiquette is required to ask whether the other person is convenient to talk on this topic, or better to call back at another time. However, a certain aggressiveness is also necessary, as timidity, shyness and superfluous apologies diminish your credibility and hurt the cause.

6. Tell me a compliment. Faster and better positioned for a companion, telling him something nice, "I'm glad to hear you," "Nice to meet you," "Thank you for the comprehensive information," "I hope for further cooperation».

7. Find the exact words. Be able to express their true thoughts interested interlocutor. Not a single superfluous word! Constantly improved his speech - that it most accurately describes the man.

8. It is found that 30% passes intonation information. Wield tone - the tone of your voice should combine Quiet, friendly, business-like rigor. By the way, the low tone of voice is more credible, the monotony is not conducive to the interest in the conversation, and the pause needed to reflect and give weight to what was said.

9. Listen carefully. The conversation - a dialogue, so do not just talk, but to listen, trying not to interrupt, do not argue, do not argue openly. It's a way to get information about the subject of conversation and interlocutor. It promotes mutual understanding welcome repetition of keywords interlocutor, of course, if you think they match.

If you applied the previous nine regulations, it managed to win the interlocutor in the conversation will be master of the situation.


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