Scientists have proven the benefit of beer after sports exercises

Researchers from the University of Granada in Spain, conducted a series of tests, concluded that a pint of beer after sports exercise and physical stress better and faster restores the water balance of the body than plain water, writes The Daily Mail.

According to scientists, sugar, salt and carbon dioxide contained in beer help to better assimilation of the liquid. Furthermore, carbohydrates, entering the body, replacing spent during exercise calories.

According to Professor Manuel Garzon (Manuel Garzon), he and his colleagues conducted a series of experiments with the participation of 25 student volunteers.

After exercise to exhaustion in the "treadmill" with an air temperature of 40 degrees Celsius they measured the level of dehydration were evaluated motor function and ability to concentrate

After that half of the students gave a light Spanish beer, while others - plain water, and then allowed to drink all the water you want. As a result, according to Manuel Garzon, those who drank beer, restoring fluid balance is "somewhat better" than those who were given water.

The average person in an hour of exercise lost an average of about a liter of water through sweat. In this regard, the Spanish researchers recommend a diet as part of a sports drink every day half a liter of men, women - a quarter of a liter of beer.

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