How to turn marriage into a happy business

The family is the production cycle. Model assembly workshop sheds light on the many problems of the family.

The husband - the head, the head of department, and immediately clear job descriptions and responsibilities, and features. The most important task - to ensure the continuity of the shop, he is responsible for everything really!

Wife - the deputy chief, responsible for the internal management activities.

Parents who were once in the manual must address the traditions of the family and their transfer to the younger generation. Thus, the ancestors - is the past, and descendants - the future of the family.

And it was clear no one who does not take anything, everyone knows their place and tasks. It performs the duties mother-in-law, her honor and praise, as you are now without cost? And she understands that you need, it is not left out of history, besides their own family. Will it be you wag your nerves? No, no.

You have to think of the whole shop - this is the role of the host: to provide jobs for all, feeling and action to be necessary, that's the problem. Gather the family council, explain to your people model - and forward to the song! We guarantee that within a year you will have no problems.

Children will understand their task, they should come to your session: What are the problems with academic performance, what an addiction what twos? They have a family business and in the future! This succession of generations in the practical life.

For example, I have never had my daughter at school. What should I do there? Listen to the applause to my pedagogical, organizational talent or to tell me that with five years we had three years developed tactical and strategic plan of its activities prior to its thirty-five?

Or I do not see this stack of letters, and why brag about their child, envy superfluous to create? Silence is necessary: ​​to put away - take a closer look. The main thing is she knows what to do and what makes sense in their studies and work.

First, of course, people will have to adjust to new conditions, and it takes about a year. Squabbling, swearing, etc. occur in families where no one knows anything, and no prospects.

A fish rots from the head, here and think, why create a family? What do we offer? We are heading? What is your responsibility to work with the staff? You're the leader, you and the cards in your hand! And all have to learn constantly, as the shop grows and requires everyday care and management. Strange that lead people to work somehow able, and my family is often not at all.

Even funnier to send their children abroad to study: you actually throw them to their fate, they will not serve you, and England, English sorts, strangers, and yet never become members of the English family - so, without family, without a tribe. And they are not your children sail from one bank and another does not stick, and you did it with his own hands. Once they understand this, then do not count on leniency.

What do you hope for the future, they will be able to give you? Well, except that such poverty, a piece of bread, all are filial duty. Come and throw up your hands, say, help, if all the missed chances? Previously, it was necessary to think, preferably before marriage.

Early marriages. He was not the captain and mate it is not, and ancestors did not know why they lived. "We have fed, clothed" - again reproaches a piece of bread. What to say, it's your duty! And we'll be in time to feed and clothe their children, and to support you in old age - that's life.

But let me ask you, what is the essence of the family business? As Chatsky run in Primakov ask for? After humiliating! Create your from scratch and compete with large families? Bones do not gather, and to you, to the same ancestors, some hassle and reproaches.

And I want to wish young people to perfect as I have, for example. We "accidentally" met. At the intersection of two avenues were two companies. From the window of the office of my future half seen the window of my lab. In the afternoon coffee with ice cream in one and the same time in the same cafe.

But I met when I was ready to lead the family. I had something to offer her, and it corresponded to their future employment quality. That passion and love, et cetera. And she did not like the captain as to refuse such a tempting prospects, how long to wait for the sea weather?

And much later it became clear that we were born in the same year and month with a difference of four days, and she, like me, a double Taurus, that is capable of feats of labor. Moreover, blood group and Rh are the same.

Then, in the clinic, she asked a group and Rh daughter she laughingly tell you: you know, I thought, then laughed, what a daughter can be a group if we do the same? Well, quite subtly that both twenty-five percent of Polish blood.

So, ladies and gentlemen, we were brought up at the same time, we understand each other perfectly, we have common plans and methods of implementation of who we competitor? What kind of jealousy can be discussed, what the mistress will throw your kitchen for pie in the sky, some gossip, when we are interested in your schedule of activities? Suppose you are so lucky, wait for your ship, become captains and deserved their half.

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