Family drama ...

At fourteen girls delay. Already two weeks. Finally she

decides to tell her mother about it. That shocked, flies in the pharmacy,

buys a pregnancy test, and, horror of horrors, it is positive.

Just do not turn gray, mother lashes out at her daughter: "Are you out of your mind?

Quickly bring me here the scoundrel, that bastard, this beast,

who dared to touch my beloved, my only

daughter, I'll show him what's what !!! »

Shrugging, daughter picks up the phone and dials a number. Through

Half an hour to their home podezzhaet brand new Ferrari, from which a

middle-aged man in an expensive suit, polished to a mirror shine

boots and a gold watch. He gradually passes into their home and sits on

an armchair in the living room, which has already gathered an angry mother, frightened daughter

and had just returned from work even more angry dad.

"Good evening. Your daughter informed me about that issue, which

because you care. As you know, I can not marry her because of my

family circumstances. But I'm willing to financially compensate all

inconvenience caused by my reckless behavior. So, here are my

conditions. If you have a daughter, I will give it to the ownership of two of my

stores and three factory. Also on her bank account I will put one million

dollars. If it is a son, then he will get three stores, two

factory and a million dollars. If twins are born, each will receive

factories and stores, as well as five hundred thousand counts. But, however, if

to miscarriage, then ... »


At this point, in order not to open his mouth Dad puts his hand on his shoulder and


"Then you sleep with her again"


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