Very English drama: 5 British movies with autumn mood

Autumn weather has come to bundle up in a blanket, put on a play tearful movie and empathize with the characters sad films. And who else but the British can capture so touching picture, that remain indifferent simply not possible? We've collected the top five worthy films, during which you will not be able to hold back the tears!

Thirty three million one hundred forty eight thousand five hundred forty nine


The drama "Broken", filmed on the novel by Daniel clay tells the story of a young girl named skunk with diabetes. However, the leitmotif of the painting stands not her disease: rather, it enhances the dramatic effect of what is happening around her vicissitudes.

In the beginning of the movie skunk full of hopes and dreams, because summer is coming and it builds in this time of global plans. But a minor incident of beating a neighbor boy Rick pulls the string of events that upset the girl and create a lot of problems.

"Why are we always it happens only bad things?"she asks and tries to find the answer to your question. The film "Broken" about friendship, about the difficult relationship between teenagers and the pressure of society. And most importantly, this picture is about a father's love: the characters of Tim Roth and Rory Kinnear do not always correct and deliberate actions, but they do them for the sake of their children.

Seventy two million eight hundred sixty two thousand eight hundred fourteen


The film is based on all the laws of the British cinema: in muted tones, with emotional dialogues and dramatic sound. And then there's Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy, which can already be considered sufficient reason to see "Broken".


"Head in the clouds»

Tandem Charlize Theron and Penelope Cruz could hardly be unsuccessful, especially in the film they lead the high life in London and Paris. Beautiful dresses, party and fans — all Bohemian classics. Cult Actresses playing opposite characters friends: seductive and frivolous Gilda (Theron) and sensitive MIA (Cruz), who in a completely different look for the same problem.

The company was Stuart Townsend, who played an Irish guy named guy, beloved Gilda. Couple for many years-again, breaking up again, but life always brings them. When the trio seemingly happily living with war. MIA could not bear to relive the events in her native Spain, guy rushes to the front, and Gilda wants to continue to lead a secular life and refuses to hear about the war. Here and there is crucial for the conflict of three different, but strong personalities.

Ten million three hundred twenty nine thousand six hundred fifty seven


"Head in the clouds" tells the story of how the girl whole life to give only fun, forced to submit to circumstances. As a man who finally found love, going to war and how all the characters have to maintain relationships in difficult circumstances. With a positive first half of the film stands in sharp contrast to the tragic end: to remain indifferent to what is happening on screen is impossible.


"Never let me go»

The film "never let me go" is based on the novel by Kazuo Ishiguro written in the genre of dystopia. It tells about the lives of three young people: Kathy, Tommy and Ruth. They grew up in a boarding school, where people are cloned for organ transplants, and have not seen the outside world.

Upon reaching adulthood they are allowed to leave the walls of the boarding school at the time, unless taken for organ transplants, and then the trio have to get acquainted with the realities of the modern world. In addition to the difficulties of adapting to life outside the orphanage, they must cope with interpersonal relationships. Young people are closed in a love triangle, out of which it is not easy.

Ten million fifty one thousand eight hundred thirty eight


"Never let me go" — a film about love, mutual and unrequited, despair, resignation to the inevitable and sacrifice. True drama, which deserves to be sad over what is happening and empathize with the characters.



Director Stephen Frears directed "Philomena" based on the book by journalist Martin Sixsmith "the Lost child of Philomena Lee." The plot of the story of the Irish, half a century ago has lost a child: Philomena gave birth at a young age, and how her dysfunctional mother sent to re-education in the monastery.

Son the girl took the nuns, and gave into a rich family. Throughout the life of Philomena tried unsuccessfully to find the child, until her rescue came an unemployed journalist Martin Sixsmith. Together they find themselves on the trail of Philomena's son, but faced with alarming news.

Twenty one million nine hundred seventeen thousand six hundred seventy seven


The film "Philomena" is not just a picture with an intriguing plot, fine English humor and an unexpected ending. It is about eternal values: motherly love, support, caring people and faith. No wonder the tape was marked with 17 awards at various film festivals, including a BAFTA and nominations for "Oscar".


"Last love on earth»

Fiction romance British Director David Mackenzie filmed in Glasgow, Scotland. The picture with Eva green and Ewan McGregor in lead roles, talks about the global epidemic, during which people on earth gradually lose all senses. Chef Michael and epidemiologist Susan only meet a friend and fall in love, know that soon their feelings will disappear. And the sooner he dies the world, the more strengthened their relationship and commitment to stop the epidemic.

Sixty three million six hundred ninety eight thousand nine hundred seventy


This fascinating film makers tried to convey to the audience that everything in life can come to an end. And I have to admit, the atmosphere of the frightening moments, when people gradually lose their senses, they managed to pass off. Makes you wonder what if it happened in reality? The film makes it clear: whatever we lost, we'll always have the most important feeling — love.published 

Author: Eugene Kurenkova


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