Family life in pictures: an incredibly truthful comics from "experienced".

In contrast to the fairy tales, where everything is limited by the words "And they lived happily ever after" real family life is very multifaceted and ambiguous. Now something you have everything in two, and joy, and sorrow, and adventure, and memories, and even ... a cat! Do not rush to think that family life - it's very boring, monotonous and uninteresting: even in daily routine probably find a place fun and tricky cases.

This cute young married couple knows exactly what to enjoy even a small joint pleasure and every day to surprise each other. Children draw well, very truthful comics delights of family life. And then do not say that "all the characters and events are fictitious, and any similarity with reality - a coincidence." After all, comics Mila and Sergei draw, drawing on their own experience. It turns out very touching and realistic! Do you recognize yourself in them?

What do you want?

A Jeans narrowish something ...

Seals rule the world!

50 shades of orange.

Nemogugovoritshefblizko ...

The family romance.

Master Chef 80 levels.

are most important of all ... Mike Farley in the house.

Meet some on clothes ...

When a long time do not pay attention.

Purchase century!

Winter goes something like this ...


Oh, had a nightmare ...

I'm tired and I want to handle!

"Big Brother is watching us?" - Many say, look at these comics. So they really truthful and realistic. This creative couple decided thus to perpetuate all the most vivid and memorable moments of his family life. I wonder if you will remember that in a few decades?

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