10 best films of the first half of 2015

Site glad: blockbusters little psychological dramas - a lot. And there are not stupid comedy and science fiction. In general, see: 1. "Out of the car»

British novelist and screenwriter Alex Garland to be congratulated on a fine directorial debut. In the sci-fi film "Out of the car," he used a classic story: a scientist and his creation. It is a curious and intriguing reel of film on the experiment, which involved a young programmer Caleb and the world's first artificial intelligence Av. But it seems that researchers there are more questions than answers.

2. "Wild stories»

This is the rare case when the story wonderfully captures from start to finish. "Wild stories" - Argentine comedy-drama directed by Damian Szifron, nominated for an Oscar. It consists of six zany, disconnected stories, centered on the theme of violence and revenge. Each is excellent in its own way.

3. «congenital»

This adaptation of Paul Thomas Anderson as a comedic drama about a talented and unlucky private detective who tries to unravel the next complicated case, and at the same time heal his broken heart. However, a brilliant detective Larry Sportello, played by Joaquin Phoenix, is experiencing craving for marijuana and is always stoned. The film is based on the novel by Thomas Pynchon "internal fault" (congenital), published in 2009.

4. "Desert»

"In the process of making the film, I found that in the post-apocalyptic world of love might be the last resource, which remains at the person", - says director Christophe Belle, who managed to take a fresh look at a slightly battered subgenre.
To survive, Axel, Jonathan and Ana have to learn to live together and to overcome the explosive human emotions: love, anger, and even hatred for each other. They were in a boarded-up apartment in the heart of Buenos Aires, when the terrifying drama unfolds around and scratching at the door of the living dead. It is a convincing version of the end of the world, which explores topics such as survival, trust and human emotions.

5. "American Sniper»

Clint Eastwood made a film "American Sniper" based on the biography of Chris Kyle, the most effective sniper in the history of the Armed Forces of the United States, to eliminate 255 opponents serving in Iraq, 160 of which are officially confirmed. But, contrary to the expected triumphalism, we are waiting for the anti-war movie about a sobering burden of heroism. And the main nagging question: how to distinguish between good and evil in the world, blurred fighting. Chris Kyle Bradley Cooper played excellently. Drama nominated for 6 awards "Oscar».

6. "Good people»

For his feature-length social drama Franco Lolli chose semi-documentary style of filming. The plot revolves around an abandoned mother of 10-year-old boy named Eric. The teenager sent to live with his father, who barely knows. Difficult financial situation does not allow parents to take proper care of her son. Comes to the aid of his employer Maria Isabel.

7. "Cyber»

"Cyber" - Detective crime of cyber-terrorism and globalization, shot one of the best filmmakers of our time. Michael Mann exciting possible course of events depicted in the background of successful development in the field of new technologies. The main threat to humanity came from not waiting. Computer hackers, has teamed up with the FBI, played by Chris Hemsworth.

8. "Slow West»

"Slow West" - directorial debut of John MacLean, a former member of music group «The Beta Band», famous for the execution-style «folktronica». In this western film star Michael Fassbender played the role of a bounty hunter, to help young Scottish aristocrat Jay Cavendish (played by Kodi Smit-McPhee), who is looking for his one true love throughout Colorado. Needless lyrical journey was filled with dangerous adventures in the spirit of the Wild West.

9. "Black Coal, Thin Ice» < br />
Detective drama "Black Coal, Thin Ice" won the Berlin International Film Festival in 2014 and received the "Golden Bear". Liao Fan, performed the leading role, was awarded Best Actor. The director Diao Yinan introduced the detective thriller in the form of a perfect synthesis of the narrative genre and arthouse cinema. Separate credit goes Cinematography Tszinsun Dong, has included the pastel colors for daytime scenes and glowing neon lighting for night shooting interiors and exteriors.

10. "Spring»

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead - one of the most interesting director's duo working today in the horror genre. They took the second joint motion picture that combines a great horror film and the classic love story. Pretty traveler acquaintance with the charming girl in Italy, at any time, risks turning anything. As you guessed, the heroine is not just a femme fatale.

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