This girl lives in the United States leads a popular video blog about the beauty ... and she 60 years

The site wants to introduce you to Melissa. She lives in a small town in Tennessee, and maintains a blog about krasote.

It has its own channel on YouTube, where she gives advice on make-up, style and fitness routines.

It can also tell you how to do hair for different occasions.
And this amazing outfit she wore to the concert, which went with her granddaughter. Yes, you heard right.

Melissa 60 years old, she has 2 children and 7 grandchildren! Looking at her, it's impossible to believe.

Melissa says that it uses a super-moisturizers and even more so botox. Instead, it chooses products which contain retinol. It is also a big fan of fitness exercises. All this, of course, is good for her appearance.

Melissa says nonchalantly refers to the subject of aging, and the southern temperament does not allow her to faint. And, of course, she likes that it has so many hobbies. And what can we say about the perpetual fidget-grandchildren, with whom do not get bored!



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