15 films about freedom and the meaning of life

At the beginning of the 20th century in Western Europe, especially in France, became popular a new genre of literature. Writers such as Jean-Paul Sartre and albert Camus began to write about human existence and his crisis, calling it the existentialism philosophical theory that stresses the existence of man that determines their own development and destiny.

Along with friend and associate Simone de Beauvoir, Sartre challenged the cultural and social aspects that was considered bourgeois. His work has influenced not only sociology, colonial theory and postcolonialism, but also left his mark in the movie.

Widely known, many of the works of Sartre, including "Nausea" (1938), "Being and nothingness" (1943), "existentialism – a humanism" (1946).

The main idea of the writer and philosopher lies in the fact that "man is condemned to be free", implying that he doesn't exist, "existence precedes essence".

Below are 15 movies, which reflect the Central concept of the philosophy of Sartre: existential crisis, desire for freedom and the search for meaning in life.


15. Of The Machine / Ex Machina (2015) Ninety one million four hundred fourteen thousand forty four

In his directorial debut, British novelist and screenwriter Alex garland used a classic plot: a scientist and his creation. It is a curious and intriguing sci-Fi film about an experiment which involved a young programmer Caleb. He will have to determine whether the identity of the world's first artificial intelligence Ava.


14. Leviathan (2014) Eighty six million six hundred twenty four thousand forty

The story takes place in the Russian Arctic. The plot revolves around the story of a man living on the shore of the Bay. All his estate decides to take over a corrupt mayor. This social drama Andrei Zvyagintsev exposes the structure of the world and the privilege of those in power. The characters are faced with existential crisis and justice will once again prevail. "Leviathan" is one of the most important films recently shot in the post-Soviet world.


13. Shame / Shame (2011) Nine million one hundred seventeen thousand six hundred sixty five

Michael Fassbender appeared in a film by Steve McQueen in the role of a sex addict and sex-addict Brandon. 30-year-old protagonist is clearly not able to control their sexual life, moreover, is depressed and suffers from existential crisis. Every morning in his new York apartment he wakes up with another woman. Brandon lives alone and constantly ignores calls from his sister, but one day she comes in and encourages him to change his way of life.


12. A serious man / A Serious Man (2009) Ninety eight million one hundred forty four thousand eight hundred ninety eight

A black Comedy by the Coen brothers raises many philosophical themes, and the most important question: what is the meaning of life. Larry Gopnik (Michael Stahlberg), a physics teacher and came from a Jewish family, whose life is crumbling before our eyes: the daughter secretly steals money from his wallet, the son smokes pot, someone is sending him anonymous letters denigrating, his wife wants a divorce and emptied their joint Bank account. Larry is forced to live in a Motel with his brother-loser. His life is just a struggle, God's trials that he must pass, keeping true to their beliefs.


11. Being John Malkovich / Being John Malkovich (1999) Ninety four million seven hundred sixty one thousand six hundred ninety

Film spike Jonze on unclaimed puppeteer Craig Schwartz, who, to feed his family, starts working in strange company. Here he discovers a portal leading directly into the body of a famous Hollywood actor John Malkovich. After going through the little door you can be in someone else's mind and see the world through the eyes of Malkovich. Together with an enterprising colleague Craig organizes a business for $ 200 they spend wanting in the body of the actor for 15 minutes. People are dissatisfied with their lives, are lining up to look at things through the eyes of strangers.

The film shows how distant the so called first class from the rest of the people. They share the same reality but from different points of view.


10. Taste of cherry TA m e guilass (1997) Forty six million two hundred fifty thousand six hundred eighty four

Perhaps the best film of Abbas Kiarostami. Very simple, insightful and compelling drama that appeals to a faith in life and the power of the spirit. The measured film tells the story of Mr. badii, a middle-aged man who drives through the desert and looking for an assistant to help him out. Hero is already a hole dug on the mountain. But someone needs to bury him under a cherry tree.

This is a film about life and death, about the meaning of life, about a man determined to die. The main character is surprisingly calm and unwavering, despite the fact that meets people who are trying to dissuade him from suicide.


9. Blow-Up / Blowup (1966) Eight million three hundred ten thousand one hundred ninety five

The famous movie by Michelangelo Antonioni, which takes place in London. Thomas is a successful young photographer, whose interests are focused on pop music, sex, fashion and drugs. Once he is hidden photographing in the Park a man and a woman. She notices him and follows photographer to the Studio, demanding to give her the film. After developing, when you blow up, Thomas sees in the frame of a stranger with a gun and a corpse. Returning to the Park he finds the body of a man. Photographer trying to tell about the murder but no one believes him. Meanwhile, all the negatives in his Studio, lost and is now difficult to determine where reality gives way to imagination.


8. Empty house / Bin-jip (2004) Sixty three million seven hundred forty seven thousand six hundred eighty seven

This deep story of love and understanding took Kim Ki-Duk. Tae Suk – young lone motorcyclist who goes around the city and putting up flyers on the doors, then returns and checks them. If the leaflet is not broken, he climbs in and lives in the absence of the owners. Tae-Suk doesn't steal. In payment he washes dishes, washes clothes, fixes broken items. Once he gets into the luxurious house, the owner who is abused by her husband. Tae Suk is getting to her defense, and she follows him. Now together they go from house to house.


7. At random, Balthazar Au hasard Balthazar (1966) Ninety four million one hundred fifty one thousand four hundred forty two

Critics believe this film is Robert Bresson one of the highest achievements of world cinema. This is the story of the donkey Balthazar, who throughout life were passed from hand to hand and each owner treated him differently. The brilliant Director has allowed us to look at things through the eyes of ordinary donkey, but there is not a single scene where you could see the reaction of Balthazar. The hard fate of the animal takes with a noble stoicism, resigned and gentle.


6. Mulholland drive / Mulholland Drive (2001) Twenty million eight hundred fifty three thousand five hundred fifty five

The film "Mulholland drive – not for family viewing on a Saturday night. This is a psychological Thriller directed by David Lynch, one of the best masters of surrealist cinema perfectly mastered the skills of interpretation of the darker sides of the human mind.

One of the main characters – a girl Rita, who suffers amnesia after a car accident in which miraculously survived her. Second – Betty. She helps Rita piece together her forgotten life. In the course of the film Lynch introduces us to other characters. But even watching closely what is happening on the screen, it's hard not to get lost in the story.


5. The fifth seal / Az ötödik pecsét (1976) Thirty nine million nine hundred eight thousand three hundred thirty one

Masterpiece drama from Hungarian Director Zoltan Fabri, received the Gold award at the Moscow international film festival. The film takes place in Budapest during the Nazi occupation. As usual in the bar are about four friends – the bookseller, a watchmaker, a carpenter and the owner of the tavern. This evening they tied a serious conversation on the subject, and raised the question the next day will be for each vital.

"The fifth seal" is one of those films that make people rethink their life choices.


4. Winter sleep / Kis uykusu (2014) Thirty seven million nine hundred eighty eight thousand five hundred twenty six

Three hours and sixteen minutes is the duration of the film, but this should not deter you. It's not, but rather fascinating. Measurably benefited this film, he reaches the depth of the novel. For the "hibernation" Nuri bilge Ceylan won the Palme d'or at Cannes.

Ribbon loosely based on the story "the Wife of" A. P. Chekhov and very reminiscent of European art-house cinema.


3. A pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence / En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron (2014) Fifty five million three hundred ninety nine thousand seven hundred fifty three

This is the final film in the trilogy, Roy Andersson that includes "Songs from the second floor" and "You, the living". The story itself is absent here, and the whole burden falls on a few main characters, trading meaningless utensils.

The film is filled with surreal scenes that lead to nothing, and perhaps not fit, but the main atmosphere of the film creates black humor and music.


2. Apocalypse now / Apocalypse Now (1979) Sixteen million seven hundred seventy thousand nine hundred forty

War drama by Francis Ford Coppola had a huge impact in the late 70-ies, when many Americans did not support the senseless war in Vietnam. "My film is not a movie, my film is not about Vietnam, it is Vietnam. That's what happened," said the Director. The character of Marlon Brando, Colonel Kurtz is a national pain, the displayed time.


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1. The seventh seal / Det Sjunde Inseglet (1957) Sixty eight million nine hundred seventy five thousand four hundred ten

Perhaps the best film of Ingmar Bergman, which was giving no rest filmmakers of the 20th century a whole new level of photography not only in relation to the script, but in the camera.

The film is set in the XIV century, when the knight Antonius Block and his squire Jöns return from a ten-year crusade. Knight tormented by the question whether God exists in reality. To him is Death, but Antonius asks her to play chess.

Morality, death, and existential dilemma that the main topics here raises Bergman.published 


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