Edible butter age 2 thousand years

Butter is an irreplaceable and very popular food product and must be kept in the fridge, and even while it retains its quality is not particularly long. But, it turns out, the ancient people could retain their beneficial properties not only for years but for millennia...

However, this method of preservation of food was available only to those peoples who lived near peat bogs. They became a kind of a refrigerator, allows you to preserve food in safe and sound.

And recently, the confirmation was found in Ireland. It was there, in a peat bog, had accidentally discovered desyatiballnoy a piece of butter. Of course, it looks very unattractive, but it is unlikely he could keep his "creamy" appearance, given his age, according to scientists, is two thousand years!

Perhaps the oil would have looked more decent if it was placed in a vessel, but it was not. It was just submerged in swamp muck.

An interesting historical fact. Lump oil was discovered in the swamp of Takrata, in County Meath. This area in ancient times was at the junction of three kingdoms, and the borders it was considered a draw. If we add the fact that this area was a remote and swampy, it becomes clear why no Kingdom for it is not claimed. But people lived there, and they needed to store food, which helped them swamps. But in this case, the products were first placed in a vessel, and then in the grid box or the skin of the beast, it was convenient to get them if necessary. But in our case this was not done, so scientists believe that oil was placed in the swamp forever and served as a sacrifice to the gods.

Often, the products were hidden in the swamp, and from the eyes of unscrupulous people who do not want to make products with their hands. They made raids on villages and looting them.

Of course, scientists have studied the composition, oil quality and method of its manufacture. Butter preserved milk smell and fluffy texture but made it by whipping. Why peat bogs for a long time retained its properties? Yes, because there is no oxygen.

But try as ancient oil is not necessary, because it can be pathogenic bacteria. So to risk your health no one.

"Sometimes balls of oil were hidden in the swamp reserve, hiding from the raids. They were Packed in wooden baskets or skins. Sometimes the foods sacrificed to the gods. Our product is clearly intended for religious purposes, as the com was not Packed in anything", — said the curator of the National Museum of Ireland Andy Halpin, to which archaeologists gave valuable artifact.

"Someone still smells like cheese and retains a crumbly texture. This oil is certainly edible, but the brave souls who try it will be difficult to find," he joked of Halpin.


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This is not the first piece of the ancient oils found in the UK. In 2014 local chef Kevin Thornton tried a sample of this product, whose age is estimated at 4 thousand years. According to Thornton, the oil had excellent flavor.

Now two thousand years of piece of butter — an exhibit of the Irish National Museum.

In fairness, it should be noted that the peat bogs are in excellent condition save not only products, but also much more that for one reason or another fell once in them.published



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