Sundance 2012

This post I would like to devote a very interesting film festival - Sundance Film Festival, held annually since 1985, is held in late January in the town of Park City, Utah. Its founder is the legendary actor Robert Redford. The name of the festival was in honor of the character played by Robert Redford movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." During Sundance show the best works both US and international independent film.

Many of these paintings did not buy for hire, and the festival - the only way for these small projects make itself felt. And for the audience - the only opportunity to see the wonderful independent movie that will not occupy the first line box office and advertised on all channels. Although, of course, many times there have been cases that the picture shown at the festival, and then received an Oscar nomination.

Largely due to the Sundance once famous for such, then a novice, directors like Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Steven Soderbergh, Darren Aronofsky, Jim Jarmusch and many others.

In the continuation of information about the festival and interesting film, which premiered at Sundance last ended 2012, are worth paying attention this year, as well as photographs of guests arrived.

Awards are presented in two main directions - drama and documentary, separate American and foreign films. Prizes are given for the best film, best director, best cinematography. There is a People's Choice Award and many names of special awards. In total there are more than thirty.

Since the festival reigns informal atmosphere, in Park City at this time quite cold and snowy, the dress code for the red carpet is not as strict as usual. If you want - you can come to shoot down jacket and hat.

Himself Robert Redford.

Josh Radnor.

Taylor Swift.

Liv Tyler and James Marsden.

Michael Cera. Oh, those mustaches :)

Elizabeth Olsen, who brought to the festival several films with his participation.

Emma Roberts. Also in great demand.

Cillian Murphy.

Bruce Willis., Made its debut as one of three directors of the film "Put on the favorite».

Rebel Wilson, Kirsten Dunst and Lizzy Caplan.

Bradley Cooper. Also what is the metamorphosis of vegetation on the face :)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Ben Barnes.

Sean Penn.

Victoria Justice, who starred in the teen comedy "First time", which has received excellent reviews at the festival.

Elijah Wood.

David Duchovny and Vera Farmiga - playing the main roles in the film "Goat».

Emily Blunt. The film with its participation "sister your sister 'is also very well received.

Rashida Jones.

Stand decide Lake Bell and Kate Bosworth, came in full dress at the premiere of his horror film «Black Rock» Three girlfriends on a trip that can cost them their lives, into the forest.

Particularly noteworthy are the so-called portraits of Sundance. For the cast of movies brought to the festival, be sure to conduct a photo shoot. But more about that in one of my next post :)

Now go to the movies - winners. Those interested in documentaries can easily find yourself the results, I will focus only on the genre of drama.

Grand Prix of the festival, as well as a prize for outstanding camera work to the film "Wild animals from the south." In this film, things are moving in a particular apocalyptic world full of mysterious creatures. Six year old girl living on the edge of the world with his father, and after his death, he goes in search of his mother. Judging by the shots - something very beautiful and interesting.

People's Choice Award received drama "Surrogate". In this film, we meet 36-year-old poet and journalist who had been ill with polio as a child for life remained attached to a respirator and can manage only three muscles in your body. Wanting to get the first sexual experience, he is supported by his priest and psychotherapist seeks the help of a professional sex surrogate (not to be confused with a call girl).

Playing the main roles in the film - John Hawkes, Helen Hunt and William H. Macy also received the prize for best ensemble cast.

The best foreign drama of the jury was the film «Violeta Went to Heaven», which can be translated as "Violeta went to Heaven", a joint production of Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Spain. The film tells about the life of Chilean artist and singer Violeta Parra, who committed suicide in 1967.

People's Choice Award as the best foreign drama to the film "Valley of the Saints," a joint production of India and the United States, about a man who wanted to escape from his impoverished village along with his best friend, but the military blockade prevented this. Waiting until the situation changes, they meet a mysterious woman who violates the curfew to investigate the drying lake. Now the hero has vybyrat between a new life and a new love.

We note in the list of winners is not very Russian, but as if Russian documentary "Putin's Kiss" on the back of the movement "Nashi", which withdrew Danish director Lise Pedersen. He received the prize for best cinematography in a documentary film.

At the end of a few interesting films that have not received any awards, or even did not participate in the competition.

"Bachelorette" with Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fishel, Lizzy Caplan and Jameson Mardsenom starring. Apparently, the success of "The Hangover" is haunted by many, so here's another variation on this theme, but this time on the bachelorette party. The creators claim that despite the inevitable comparisons, the film has nothing to do with the released in the past year, "Bridesmaids". "Bachelorette" described as a dark comedy. In the story of the three main characters asks to become bridesmaids once the ugliest girl in their school and all this results in a series of crazy events.

"Celeste and Jesse Forever". This film is about a married couple who met at school. Reaching 30 - years of age, they decide to get a divorce, and begin to build a new relationship while trying to remain best friends. Starring Rashida Jones, Andy Samberg, Elijah Wood and Emma Roberts.

"Words" with Bradley Cooper, Ben Barnes and Zoe Soldano about the author-plagiarist, who will have to pay for the full appropriation of other people's memoirs itself.

"Grabbers" - a film production in Ireland, combining all possible genres. The island off the coast of Ireland attacking aliens bloodsuckers. The heroes of the film are finding that in order to survive you need to constantly be in a state of intoxication. I definitely want to see it! :)

"Humanitarian sciences".

The star of the series "How I Met Your Mother" - Josh Radnor made script writer, director and leading actor. The film tells about the life of shabby 30-year-old teacher who returns to the city in which he studied and falls in love with 19-year-old beauty. The film also lit Zac Efron.

«Middle of Nowhere». Drama about how the life of the heroine after her husband received a prison sentence of 8 years.

The failure was the film "Red Lights" with Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver and Cillian Murphy in the lead roles. This is a picture of two specialists in the field of paranormal phenomena, which seek assistance from an experienced psychic retired. Spectators named worst film, and the ending of the absurd, but given the stellar cast can imagine how it will be PR.


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