Many famous women wear and more than than 41 size

With 40 foot size, I sometimes very difficult to pick out shoes. The impression is that all the models of this size rake before they come into the store. And what about the ladies who have 41 or more? "Ooh, fins !!" - so say minded people about big feet. Well, big foot, so now people it worse))? Especially because many famous women wear and more than than 41 size

At Tyra Banks, as befits the model, long, slender legs. Naturally, the long leg - a long and a foot. At Tyra American shoe size 12, which corresponds to our 43-44 (!)

Gina Davis also 12th size

Kate Winslet buys shoes 11 size 5 (our 43)

Just like Uma Thurman

Paris Hilton fragile in appearance, but the "fins" she, too, 11, 5 size

Meg Ryan have the same problem (although what a disaster ...)

Famke Janssen is refined 11th shoe size (our 42)

Cindy Crawford 10, 5 shoe size (41, 5-42), but that did not stop her feet to be one of the most coveted in the world ...

These ladies are ten shoe size (our 41). Compared with the twelfth Tyra, they are still relatively small feet ...

Evangeline Lilly

Milla Jovovich

Mandy Moore


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