Hours traveler by Louis Vuitton

Brand Louis Vuitton continues to expand its line of watches. This year the company introduced as the debut model Tambour Orientation, diameter 44 mm, made of stainless steel. The clock is made not only to pokazyat time, but also to direct.

As we all know, the basis of the concept of brand - travel. It is logical that a new watch will be no less useful to travelers than traditional bags Louis Vuitton.

Due to the unique caliber LV 122 hours can work also as a compass, always pointing north. The traveler will be able to find out which side of the world it is located, regardless of hemisphere by aligning the two yellow arrows on the compass 12 and 6 o'clock of the dial. Oh, and a couple of useful features for the wanderer of the world: the sundial and water resistant to 100 meters.


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