Roewe 550

And again, the Chinese - this time Roewe 550 (brand, incidentally, is owned by SAIC Automotive) - a small sedan, aimed at the European market and should become a worthy competitor for the Ford Focus and Honda Civic.

And that, quite a decent car came out, and especially not to find fault with what. Even the style of body panels or rear like a VW Passat, but in any case - Roewe 550 independent development. Silhouette turned out pretty dynamic - due to the underbody of the dark plastic (as well as in the Passat).

The interior is also decent - all in the tree (or plastic wood) and light colors with aluminum and chrome inserts. Most of the devices - digital, and displayed them on a large LCD screen on the dashboard. Naturally, there are GPS -navigator.

It is known yet about the only engine - 1, 8 liter turbocharged four-cylinder.

At home in the car run a series this week, and it will reach to Europe later ... as low as 12 to 20 thousand euros.


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