Models and cars on display Auto Guangzhou-2013 (79 photos)

From 21 to 24 November was held Automobile Exhibition in Guangzhou, as always, there were many new and beautiful models next to them! Let's see:

advertising skyscraper

And such advertising has

Chinese brand QOROS with good machines.

And good interior trim

All Chinese patched photographers

Well, this is the Chinese Ken

At last the car and appeared

The new generation of

Know cars? Former British brand Rover, now owned by the Chinese SAIC and called in their own way ROEWE.

Perelitsovanny Rover 750

Chinese limousine

Girls Acura


Prospective buyers

Chinese premier Cadillac ATS

For Koreans - China in the first place and all new items are given here.


Here and angels

Six months ago in Guangzhou Motor Show opened McLaren

We turn to the Chinese brand.

Shenzhen brand BYD, which is almost all cars, replicas of famous brands

Well now jeeps they nanut sold. as pots


And where did these take?

Pickup Foton

Boy Arapka

new Jeep JAC S30

What led to the exchange Guinness Book of Records.

Regular copiers. Luxgen brand and theirs, and views of the Lexus RX300

Front view

Girls with LandWind


Buick found a Russian model

Koreans with Hyundai found the cutest modelek


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