Translation from the human female :)

"Where have you been, you beast?" - "I miss».
"Honey, you can not find the money?" - "The money that you gave this morning, suddenly ended».
"Tomorrow we will come to my mother." - "Tomorrow we will come to the mother-in-law».
"How are you at work?" - "Do not you raised the salary?»
"Honey, what would you like to get on your birthday?" - "We need a new iron».
"Maybe go for a walk?" - "Come quickly to the shops!»
"Oh, let's go to the store?" - "Come let us lodge in this wonderful store hours and a half».
"Can I ask you a question?" - "You end!»
"Come soon, I miss you!" - "There girlfriend busy phone».

"Oh, I bought you a beer!" - "I bought a new blouse».
"Where did you get lipstick on your shirt?" - "Lord, well Sovrem anything!»
"What are you thinking?" - "Stop silent!»
"Come early from work today, though stopping here together!" - "Today I want to move the furniture».
"Listen, let's not celebrate my birthday ..." - "I am so unhappy all-razneschastnaya».
"Go for the bread." - "Buy milk, butter, two dozen eggs, salt, sausage and sour cream. Potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, cabbage, and something for tea ».
"You called some mymra." - "You ask someone on the phone female voice».
How ?! You forget what day it is? "-" Have you forgotten that today, just seven months after our wedding! »
"You do not love me." - "I'm bored».
"You fell asleep again yesterday in front of the TV." - "Thank God, though slept!»
"Just look what I became with you!" - "I tried to try on old jeans that are worn in the first year».
"I have the soul is not in place." - "I have a torsion tights».
"You have someone there?" - "Yesterday was cleaning your jacket».
"What a life!" - "I have a bad mood, but nothing to complain about».
"I quickly!" - "I am as long as necessary».
"I am a mother, with whom you want to live!" - "I will come tomorrow afternoon!"


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