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.I American, but grew up in the Soviet Union, my father served as a naval attache at the embassy in Moscow. After living 12 years vMoskve children, leaving, I spoke in Russian better than in English. My abilities in Russian intelligence service were called the Navy and I served them from 1979 to 1984. On duty, and for myself, I kept a journal. Breech handed over to the archive, and a Statement.
Something was in the record, and generally & quot; live & quot; ether. I must confess that I can not be defeated RUSSIAN precisely because of the language. The most interesting thing was said between equal rank or friends, they do not mince words. I flipped through the pages of a few of their old records, here are some:
 - XEP know him, I say, on the satellite macaques CARDS.
 - Where capital Derevianko?
 - Do not know, it says that you work on closing the communication channel and track AMERICAN prototype test TORPEDOES Mk-48 /
= Earrings verified. Dimka convey that KANADCHIKV YOUR prick basin to rinse.
 - Sergey Dmitriev reported that in your sector anti-submarine helicopters LEADS CANADIAN acoustic sounding.
 - SOUTHWESTERN YOUR FIFTH, PLOSKOZHOPY a mess shit, screens in the snow.
 - (South - Western YOUR FIFTH?) Military transport aircraft dropped sonobuoys IN THE POSSIBLE LOCATION submarine SERIES & quot; By & quot ;, on the radar screen a lot of small OBJECTS.
 - MAIN burzhuinov SIT under the weather, silently.
 - US aircraft carrier masks the storm area, observing radio silence.
 - Stargazers SEES bubble, since the nozzle.
 - Optical observation stations reported that US aircraft refueling ISSUED fuel hose.
 - We've got a narrow-eyed FOOL INCLUDED, saying, sorry, knocked off course, the engine broke down, and he jerked off. HIS STEAM DRY bypassed, they BIRCH plowshares.
 - Send him on the X-Q, FOR I DO NOT WANT THIS jaundice P Di GET. IF necessary, let HIM in PERDAK pograntsy wrapped, and the team NKVD FAIRY TALE TO OUR DRAW.
 - During the exercises fleet, EZHNO-KOREAN SHIP came close to the area of ​​operations, citing the failure. During an aerial survey PAIR SU-15 load RADAR WARNINGS & quot; birch & quot ;.
 - Tell them to care, I do not want problems because IT Koreans. If you try to leave the area, VOID OF VESSEL and towed, and a team - for questioning.
In the analysis of the Second World War, American military historians have found a very interesting fact. Namely, the sudden collision of the forces of Japanese Americans, as a rule, much quicker to make decisions and, as a consequence, even prvoskhodyaschie defeated enemy forces. Zakonomenost explore this, scientists have concluded that the average length of words from the Americans is 5.2 characters, while the Japanese 10.8. Consequently, the impact of orders takes 56% less time. For & quot; interest & quot; they analyzed the Russian language and found that the length of the words in the Russian language is an average of 7.2 character, but in an emergency command of the Russian-speaking SWITCHES TO profanity - word length is reduced to (!) 3.2 SYMBOL.
For example, given the phrase:
 - 32nd, I ORDER immediately destroy enemy tanks, a leading fire on our positions - translation ...
 - 32nd, EBNI ON THIS X-YU!



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