As drivers exchanged secret signs, and what it means

To feel the real members of the movement and move on roads with greater comfort, motorists use long-invented special characters. Knowing them, the driver out of the car, can communicate with other steering, getting useful information and, on the contrary, telling her "colleagues". Helps to establish such contact motorists lighting of their cars, turn signals and "emergency gang". This writes the "interlocutor».

So if riding towards the car twice briefly flashing beam assistant, then in front of any danger or "hiding" the inspector DPS. One long beep distant light from the cars behind, meaning "Give way": the driver feels that goes faster and asks the right to readjust to overtake, as expected by the rules, to the left. Short signal beam headlights "on the side" or "in your face" says that the motorist asks miss it - it usually happens in traffic jams.

If traveling on an opposite the driver signals of several short or long signal beam, he wants to convey that it dazzles you and asks to switch to low beam. It is worth noting that such a sign, indicating the blinding traveling toward the driver - not just a "jargon" and generally prescribed in the PDD.

Turning, as it turns out, is not always used for its intended purpose. For example, when a single-lane highway in front of the car riding includes the right turn signal, he wants to tell what lies ahead is free, and you can safely start overtaking on an opposite. But included left turn signal, on the contrary, warns that it is too early to overtake - towards travel vehicles.

If the car traveling behind, including the right turn signal blinking and the future - it is a request stop at the curb, perhaps to render any assistance. After that, everything depends on the integrity of the driver - he might slow down, and to ignore the request.

As for the use of the alarm, it is most often used to thank, for example, because missed or help with overtaking on the narrow road. The inclusion of "emergency gang" for a few seconds means "thank you." It is thus possible and apologize if accidentally "clipped" the neighboring car. Abroad, there are also drivers who replace the sign "emergency gang" turning first left, then right indicator. We can say "thank you" and gestured - stretching his hand, palm forward.

If the driver, riding ahead, suddenly, for no reason at all to include "emergency gang", maybe he also wants to say that you are his blinding beam headlights.


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