The robot had brain surgery


For the first time a complex operation to remove a brain tumor was performed robot NeuroArm. Live doctors monitored his work with video cameras and multiple manipulators similar to a computer joystick. The experiment took place in the Canadian city of Calgary, writes CyberSecurity.

Computer surgeon opened the skull and removed from the brain of a 21-year-old girl with a tumor the size of a hen's egg. The operation lasted just over two hours. NeuroArm apparatus operates autonomously, but surgeons operators can at any time intervene in the operation.

Project leader NeuroArm Garrnett Sutherland very pleased with the result of experience. He explains that the advantage of robotic surgery is its ability to retain the finest instruments, he perfectly accurate and small "step" movement - from 50 nanometers.
Experts note that the brain tumor and the girls had a fairly large area of ​​contact, so it was very important to cut out the tumor without hitting the brain. Now Paige Nikeson patient undergoing intensive rehabilitation.


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