LightTalk II

This piece can be used at the party. And it is possible and for good meeting. And ... well, you can do all you can. This thing is designed for entertainment, and well suited for this. Imagine: You are sitting somewhere in a lecture, and you certainly boring. Before you notes. You paint it something fun, scanning, turn the display mode, and LightTalk II waving in the air back and forth. A group of orange LED displays your message in the air. Magic!

There are a few extra chips, which has a remarkable device: you can scan up to eight images and include an annular display them, that is LightTalk will automatically switch the image. You can remove the cartoon. In addition, LightTalk II is equipped with an infrared transmitter, so you can not only show pictures, but also to share them with a friend, who also has LightTalk II. Magic!


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