Women are different ...

When I was 14 years old, I dreamed that one day I will have a girl. In 16 years, I had a girlfriend, but we did not have the passion. Then I decided to marry a passionate girl.

At the university, I met with a passionate girl, but she was too emotional.

Every little thing turned into a terrible drama, and she threatened to commit suicide. I decided to marry a stable woman.

After uni met in a very stable girl but she was terribly boring. She was totally predictable and never lost his head.

Living with her has become a routine, and I decided to marry a girl with a twist.

Girl with a twist was too shebutnoy. She constantly rush to extremes, making me feel the superschastlivym then superneschastnym. It was superenergichnoy but without life goals.

I decided to marry the one that has a real ambition in life.

Then I found a smart, ambitious girl and married her. She was so smart and ambitious that she divorced me a year and sued everything that I had.

Now, I wised up and became wise, and looking for a woman wise.


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