Forget gasoline! In place of it is water ...

In the current crisis situation, when gasoline going up by leaps and bounds, it is a good idea to come up with alternative fuel - in order to save money and the environment. We are already familiar with ethanol, biodiesel, fuel cells, and hybrid cars. However, Japanese scientists have decided to go much further - they have developed a car that runs on water.

During the process of reprocessing in the new system established by Genepax Co Ltd and a similar fuel elements, water is split into oxygen and hydrogen. The only difference from the fuel cell is that last potreblinet hydrogen and releases the water and do not use it. Damage to nature and the man from the new typewriters no - carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere.

To supply such a car you can use any water and at a speed of about 80 km per hour hours, the system will require just a liter of liquid.

From reporting the news agency Reuters: in an interview with CEO Kiyoshi Hirasawa Genepax (Kiyoshi Hirasawa) told that as long as you have a bottle of water with you - to fill up the tank, you will be able to travel. In addition, the production of such cars are very efficient - to recharge them (filling, make-up) do not need to create a separate infrastructure. Water is poured into the tank, the generator is split - get electricity out of it.

The cost of production of these machines today is about 18, 5 thousand dollars, but the creators are planning to reduce it in the future, almost four times. In addition, the system used for water splitting, and can be used to power electrical appliances at home.


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