Leather is back in fashion - but human

Leather outfits are back in fashion. But already from the human skin. No, of course it's a joke. Apparel and accessories from French designer Oliver Goleta (Olivier Goulet) really shocking. First, attract the attention of a terrible view, then disgust - his similarity to human skin. As a result, the brand SkinBag still able to interest buyers - the fact that the material from which made things - totally artificial. It is this effect and wants to make a fashion designer - shock and force us to reconsider the relation to themselves and the world around them.

Variations on a theme - fashion by Nicole Tran Ba ​​Vang (Nicole Tran Ba ​​Vang). Leather - like clothing, or clothing - the skin - great for lovers of original and unusual. By the way, a great way to stand out in the crowd.


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