Competition Taffy may disappear

TV company VGTRK, which includes a number of major Russian TV channels refused to participate in the award Taffy.

VGTRK media holding this year not nominated their work on the award Taffy - this decision may lead to the disappearance of the main national television competition.

Applications for participation in Taffy ended in late June - the ceremony, the 14 th in a row, will be held in September. For the first years of the competition, which conducts the Academy of Russian Television (ART), RTR - which includes "Russia", "Culture", "Sports", "Vesti 24" and "Bibigon" - do not put programs, films and leading their channels . RTR is one of the major founders of ART.

In the past year to participate in Taffy gave NTV and TNT.

As the newspaper notes, the reason for the decision of the corporation is likely to become the latest ceremony Taffy, when most statuettes went to "Channel One" - 23 of the 40 nominations, while RTR won just seven of all three of its channels - "Russia", "Culture" and "Sport».

Head of Media Holding Oleg Dobrodeev did not comment on the decision. However, the source of the newspaper in the management of the company, said: "Taffy the last few years has become more and more like" Vanity Fair TV ", not a professional competition that can be noted is really the best».

The management of the Corporation at the same time emphasize that the decision to nevydvizhenii work was made chief editors of the holding channels, "but they continue to participate in regional competitions Taffy and all obligations as a co-founder of the Academy RTR fulfilled." According to the publication, RTR paid an annual fee in the amount of 700 thousand rubles for the channel "Russia" and "Culture».

The permanent president of the Asia-Pacific region, Vladimir Pozner, commenting on the situation, said that in the future such as the Academy may not be, and he himself, if necessary, ready to resign as its president.

"I treat this very badly. And do not samoobmanyvatsya, in such a prize would be complete. The non-participation of the two largest TV stations - NTV and RTR definitely devalues ​​Taffy - he said "Kommersant". - Ceremony (this year) will certainly have to carry out, but the "more", I think, probably, any will not be. Without RTR and NTV Taffy does not reflect the full state of things ».

According to the newspaper, July 18 Posner is going to hold a press conference at which, most likely, will speak about the future of the competition.


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