Be in the form of: advice for girls.

1. Decide!
Each of us has at least one familiar person who, regardless of the weather, mood and workload, every day goes to the fitness club (doing exercises, running in the morning, etc.). Or one that has assumed any restrictions in food in order to keep in shape, and never, in any condition, they are not penalized. These titans of fitness and self-admired, envy and discomfort, suggests that you do not make for yourself a hundredth part of what I could do. You can become the kind of person you can always be in great shape and the envy and admiration of others. And this is not to mention the tremendous pride in yourself, you will experience every day of the tremendous growth of self-confidence and self-esteem - these and many other bonuses you are sure to get if you decide to change. Stop relying on random about their health and beauty, take control of your life into your own hands!

"Never sit on a diet, which may not be able to stick to life." What and how you eat has a huge impact on health, beauty, fitness, but in any case we can not forget about the psychological component. After all, for many women, food - not just a way to replenish the energy spent per day, as nature intended. We love to cook - it's a form of creativity, love to spend time with a cup of tea and something to him when we feel bad, we eat, when well - too. The relationship of women with eating so complex and multifaceted, that none of the one-sided schemes prescribing permanently exclude certain products from your diet until the end of life do not eat after 6 or go solely on healthy eating, not working. Not because we are weak and lack of willpower, but because we are constantly changing, evolving, and subject to many biological processes that can not control. Even the most conscious and motivated to succeed in losing weight and maintaining harmony with the arrival of the girl turns out to be critical days in the confectionery department, she did not know how, and the next moment she was eating cookies, put on zefirku that smeared jam. Of course, that's no reason to eat one sweet hour, referring to hormonal differences, but also to apply to itself the food is not worth the terror - that cause severe measures "kickbacks" in the form of uncontrolled use of everything that comes to hand, with weight gain and acquisition systems afterwards.
To always be in the form of a need to develop their own universal formula, how to eat, apart priority system. After all, every woman is unique, as it tastes, passions and weaknesses. Make a complete list of everything that you love - as separate products, so drinks and meals. Now divide them into three columns: certainly useful, definitely harmful and relatively harmless, or rather healthy and figures. Carefully read the second and third columns and cross out those foods and dishes, which you refuse to be easy. In their place, insert products from another list - the most useful food. A good list is here. Now think how much you are willing to reduce the amount of harmful and useless products. No one requires you to delete them altogether heroic, just think - you will be enough to drink one cup of coffee a day instead of three, or whether you will be satisfied by going with milk on dark chocolate and reducing its use to one tile in a week? Be sure to think through in advance alternative to the usual sweet, flour and other tempting snack. It is important that you always have an alternative to a bag of chips or ice cream - and one that you like.


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