5 things that men hate in women's fashion

Piercing on the cheek

Nothing pushes men as a piercing on her cheek. So inharmonious it looks like doing it on a drunken head and miss.

Acceptable alternative:

Standard piercing: piercing eyebrow piercing the nostrils. Lip piercing can be very seductive. Or a nice flat tummy with a decoration in the navel.

Giant sunglasses

Of course, you can be proud of the fact that not a single ray of light will not penetrate and will not harm your eyes. But them you look like a giant insect. It is an insect! Watching these glasses, I can see what's going on behind me. I, of course, terribly grateful. Nevertheless, I want to say: "buzzing here!ยป

Acceptable alternative:

Safety glasses with round lenses, as in the picture, do not go absolutely anyone. Just look for the option that fits to your face.

Many Tonalka

When applying foundation on the face to hide the problem areas, do you think that solve the problem? No, you do "problem" all over your face. Or think nice to look at the face, which is covered with a crust? And the powder is often useless. Many guys like pale cheeks.

Acceptable alternative:

Cream for the face. Or your real face. Nothing better than a layer of foundation.

Pets accessories

Living beings are not the accessories! You do not even imagine what a disastrous appearance produce ladies with fashionable doggie. What they do not do the poor animals.

Acceptable alternative:

Refers to an animal, as a friend, not as a toy. To have a normal animal or walking alone.

High waist belt

The harmony should be everywhere. Disproportionate belt looks too pretentious. If you want to reduce your waist, please wear corsets and belts are not high.

Acceptable alternative:

Normal times, if any, is needed. But not quite narrow. No need to rush to extremes.

Perhaps the blame for everything on the large star with a disgusting taste and sense of style, like Paris Hilton. It is possible to find everything that annoys men. But because it - star, women try to be like her.
Dear women, we love you and welcome diversity and experimentation in appearance. But we men are too little aware of fashion and can even distinguish the beautiful from the ugly. So often, please contact us! Bad not advise!


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