Strengthening immunity, spices.

Across the country, raging flu epidemic. We all know that influenza viral infection and it would seem that there can podelat.Komu some "lucky" and he did not get sick, and someone net.No usually do not get sick people who advance care about their health and vaccinations, not the main panacea grippa.Prezhde all, you need to strengthen your immune system and, then no viruses and colds, we will not strashny.Vot one of Ayurveda recipes for immunity.
So, take:
6 parts turmeric,
3 parts cumin,
3 parts coriander,
6 parts fennel,
1 part dried ground ginger,
1 part black pepper.
1/4 part cinnamon
Mix well all the ground spices and store in a tightly sealed container in a cool place away from direct sunlight sveta.Otmerte one teaspoon of mixed spices on one tablespoon of ghee (in Ayurveda called ghee) and heat until until it will release the flavors. Immediately remove from heat to avoid scorching. Add ghee and spices to the cooked rice, vegetables or other dishes before serving. This combination of spices, regularly consumed with each main meal, will help strengthen your immune system and improve pischevareniya.Budte healthy!


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