The woman gave birth to eight (4 photos)

33-year-old resident of Los Angeles Nadya Suleman gave birth to eight children.
At first it proud, but when the truth came to light, the scandal has turned out.

First, she became pregnant by artificial insemination and that many children she wanted.
And this is contrary to the recommendations of doctors who recommend no more than three children at a time.
Because of this, babies born 9 weeks early.

Secondly she already has six twins (two times three), who also have been artificially conceived. Three of them have a disability.

Third, the young mother has long since sitting on the neck of the state, receiving benefits and food stamps.

Fourth, immediately after birth were its agents, who have been sending agencies offer a toll photos, interviews, etc.

They say that Nadia wants to earn a minimum of two million for these genera.
In any case, you can continue to see what she looked like in the last days of pregnancy.


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