10 secrets of how to love each other forever.

1. You - the best!

Husband grumbles from morning until the drink coffee? So what! This is easy to fix a passionate kiss. Wife loves to lie in bed a little longer? What a cute fault! Without it, she - she does not ... Remember, while you are each other's best-camye you really happy?
2. Paradise in a tent?

Family life is impossible without trials. But somehow, in some they strengthen love, while others - destroy. Go through a period of bad luck, not blaming dear person - not an easy task. When the family gets into a deep crisis, blame the partner easier. Relief that you are experiencing at this moment, deceptive, and the consequences can be quite devastating. Surely you understand that. But it is difficult to keep emotions! Send them to your common enemy - the life circumstances and challenges. It combines great!

3. Take care of the little things in

For the sake of a loved one, each of you willing to do anything? Great! But in fact, the labors of Hercules is required. After all, happiness is a pleasant and seemingly obscure trivia. Husband hunched behind a computer (he was so tired!) - Gentle hands his wife a massage. Darling loves Anna Gavalda - a new novel gets to it first: on a tray with a cup of morning coffee. And thanks to the sissy who forgot that the Mexican mixture enters hated her pepper? Of course, thanks to you! You remember something heroic and it eats. Accustomed stopped noticing? No, I do admit that in no case can not be from small tokens depends on your luck.

4. We are together, and we are well ... Always!

Do not kill each other during a long trip in a car - it's an art. Cosmonauts, sailors and divers hold special training ... But it's easier - you're in love. That's where the handy ability to chat and peacefully silent clock, partner and feel in tune.


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