Yoghurt cake.

300g natural yoghurt
300 ml of milk
30 g of gelatin
1 tbsp. l. lemon juice
sugar to taste
1 tbsp. l. cocoa
for strawberry layer:
1 cup strawberry puree
5 g of gelatin
50 g of water
sugar to taste
strawberries for decoration

In the recipe in my opinion quite a large number of gelatin jelly but gives a very airy, almost like a souffle, just be sure to use yogurt at room temperature.

Remove the yogurt from the fridge, so he bought at room temperature. Pour gelatin milk and leave for 10 minutes. Now put the milk on the fire and heat, not allowing to boil, stirring constantly until gelatin is completely dissolved.

CHEM from heat and let cool slightly. At this time, whisk the yogurt with a mixer, add to it sugar, lemon juice and whisk again. By the way, the longer we whisk, the more air it turns jelly.

Now a thin stream with constant stirring, pour in the milk with dissolved gelatin.
Again whip until uniform. Separate 1/4 of the yogurt mass and add the sifted cocoa powder. Yes, of course, and mix. Yogurt with cocoa pour in split form and postavte in the freezer for 10 minutes.
We got on top and poured the remaining yogurt mass. And send it all in the fridge until complete solidification.
When this layer is frozen and, let us strawberry layer.
Again fill with gelatin but now water, leave for 10 minutes.

Heat, stirring all the time, until completely dissolved gelatin (to a boil, as you remember, it was possible. We leave to cool a little. Now we take our strawberry puree, add sugar to taste there and gelatin with water, stir. Pour the resulting strawberry jelly on frozen yogurt layer and then send in the refrigerator until complete solidification.


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