The ideal woman from the point of view of men.

History abounds with examples of women who combined the angelic and human qualities. The charm of Cleopatra changed the course of history. Helen of Troy was so revered that because of her great war broke out. Ellen Wilson, the president's wife, is also worthy of careful study. Biographies stored in libraries - the sources of such examples.
With respect to living examples of famous women, detailed descriptions of their feminine charms - a rarity. Tradition shows that a person must first die to his dignity opened. Only recently, love letters, Woodrow Wilson and Ellen became the property of the public. And what about the unknown women? Yes, from time to time in our daily life, we found striking examples of combining human and angelic side. Be attentive to such examples. Remember, they may not be an idol for women, but equally so for men. In a circle of friends, they are more of an object of scorn and ridicule. But pay for such special attention to women. They have a lot to learn.


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