Harmful products [2]

№1 Salt and sugar:
They are also called - white death. water outlet from the body it prevents salt, besides it has the ability to be deposited in the wrong place. Sugar is the enemy of all losing weight. His, by the way, can be replaced with honey and salt intake to reduce the amount.

№2 Alcohol:
About the dangers of alcohol and so all know a lot. You are considered alcoholic if once a week consistently eat it or you can not hold more than one holiday without the booze.

Sausages and smoked №3:
Once you do not know from what and when it is made of smoked products and calculate the so - will fail too strong flavorings and flavor enhancers.

Sweet №4:
most harmful sweets are chewy candies, lollipops, and marmalade. In this case, even a piece of the cake will be much more useful if they are. If too much like sweet - eat honey, bitter chocolate and dried fruit.

№5 White bread:
Flour of white bread which is prepared from purified cellulose. and even despite the fact that it is a very tasty product he is not helpful. Much more useful in such cases there are whole wheat bread.


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