Small fish-doctors help people (12 photos)

Turkish spa resort called Kangal small fish there that help people cure for psoriasis and other skin diseases.

Constant temperature of natural sources of the resort, which does not fall to the level of 36 - 37 degrees, and the collateral effect of jacuzzi, contributes to heating and softening the skin. This facilitates the processing of therapeutic fish affected by the disease of the skin. In pools with mineral water swimming 2 species of fish: first remove the dead skin flakes, and the latter - is treated with saliva abnormal areas, contributing to the sterilization of the skin and rapid healing of damaged skin in a very short time.

1) During treatment with doctor fish, fish eat flakes of dead skin of the patient. Fish-doctor or Gara Rufa (Gara Rufa) - one of the species of fish that inhabit the richest natural source of minerals. Currently, they are used to treat psoriasis and other skin diseases.

2) Michal Lysyak, 26-year-old Pole, patients with psoriasis, swim in the pool with mineral water.

3) Fish-doctor, also known as kissing or Asian fish, live and breed in hot springs near Kangal, a small town located 100 kilometers south of the central Turkish city of Sivas. In the picture - fish eat dead skin particles ill patient from Germany, 62-year-old Gangora Aslan, who came for treatment in Kangal.


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